Welcome to inivitiv.com

On this site you will find content that is focussed on learning how to create innovative robust software. It will be of interest to computing students and commercial developers alike. The products shown or discussed will where possible use open source software. If you would like to know more about open source software please visit the Open Source Initiative


The site will also contain information, tips & tricks and suggestions on how to use a number of technologies, some of the technologies that will be discussed are: -

  • Linux
  • Agile Software Development
  • Java and the major frameworks (JUnit, Spring, Hibernate, JQuery)
  • Automation, mostly by means of build servers (CruiseControl, Bamboo, Jenkins), and Maven.
  • Configuration Management, Subversion, GIT and some CM patterns that fit Agile nicely
  • JIRA


This site will also be presenting various topics as tutorials or general articles that discuss how certain technologies are used within a commercial environment. The tutorials will show how to develop good quality, robust software all the time encouraging good software development skills.


This site contains a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page (see the FAQ link above). It will contain questions pertaining to the subject matter covered by this site such as question on Linux, Subversion, Git, Agile development etc.

Site Members

Members of the site have access to a downloads section that contains all files for the tutorials. They will also be able to post and comment on the FAQ page.