INIVITIV is a play on the word INNOVATIVE The following synonyms best describe its meaning.

  • clever
  • imaginative
  • ingenious
  • innovational
  • creative
  • innovatory
  • inventive
  • original
  • originative
  • promethean

This site contains software with those synonyms in mind and also contains tutorials and help for those who would aspire to create software (or hardware) of an innovative nature.

Site Technology

This site is powered by Yii, an open source, high-perfomance, secure and professional MVC (Model,View,Controller) PHP framework. The Yii about page gives full details and includes a link to a performance comparison page that illustrates how fast it is in relation to the other popular PHP frameworks.

I chose Yii after extensive research into other frameworks that included some experimentation with Drupal, Zend, CodeIgniter and others. In the comparsion on it ticks all the boxes! I even wrote my own MVC framework but finally opted for Yii after downloading the product and trying it out.

Yii is modelled after the Ruby on Rails methodology of convention over configuration, which basically means that you adopt certain conventions about your layout and naming instead of always having to configure your project to match what is required, (see Wikipedia for more information), the code generation features and ease of use made it a no brainer.


At the base level the site is powered by Linux & Apache both of course are free open source ;)


This site is owned, operated and maintained by Peter Terence Goudman, I have extensive knowledge in a number of differing computing diciplines, please feel free to read my I.T. history and resume on the About Author Page. I am available for contracting if you have a need for a professional I.T. expert, please feel free to mail me at I hope you enjoy the content found on this site.